Option Delta Hedging Training, Trading and IV Analytics by BlissQuants company

Who we are

The world is being re-shaped by the convergence of data and technology. You can have data without information, but you can't have information without data.

At BlissQuants, we gather loads of data related to stock market and work on it by the process of inspecting, transforming, and modeling data with the goal of discovering useful information to support decision-making.

We do believe that errors using inadequate data are much less than those using no data at all. By performing quantitative analysis of data, we provide useful information that helps you to take right trading decision fearlessly and confidently.

Vision: Fearless financial trading.

Mission: Trade confidently through knowledge and technology.

Strategy: Analyze data and follow discipline.

Responsibility: Commitment to ethical practices.

Values: Trust, Innovation, Quality

  • We do data analysis on capital market.
  • We do option Delta hedging.
  • We do technical analysis to identify stock trend.
  • We do software development related to stocks trading.

About BlissQuants Analytics company

What we provide

  • Investment opportunities based on BlissQaunts data.
  • Self-employment opportunities as option delta hedger.
  • Coaching for Option Delta hedging techniques
  • Necessary data for option trading - result impact, IV analysis, VIX- Index movement.
  • Softwares for Option positions and Implied Volatility analysis.

Looking for data analysts in the field of finance and software!

Please contact us at inquiry@blissquants.com
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BlissQuants Analytics

Fearless Financial Trading
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Contact number : +91 98980 32020

Surat : D 422 ITC, Majura gate,
Surat – 395002, Gujarat.
Pune : A11, The Laburnums, Mitcon Road,
Balewadi, Pune – 411045, Maharashtra
Boston : 11 Railroad Ave, North Reading,
Boston, MA 01864 | (617) 530-0222
E-mail: inquiry@BlissQuants.com